Vet Care for your aging Pet

Perhaps you’ve recently adopted an instantly-loveable senior pet. Or maybe they’ve been a devoted family member for many years. Either way, Island Veterinary Clinic is your go-to Richmond vet clinic. Not only do we treat your younger and older pets with the utmost care, but we also take a very special interest in providing the best care for the aging pet population. Here are a few ways that we take on the specialized care of your aging cat or dog.


More important than ever at this stage of your pet’s life, preventative health exams give us the opportunity to identify and protect against illnesses or diseases that might be brewing. We are also well versed in the particular ailments of elderly animals and can help you be aware of what you need to watch out for now that your furry family member is in their golden years. Prevention goes a long way to ensuring the best health and wellness outcomes for your pet.


When pets age, they can also start to feel creaky and old in the bones, just like humans. At Island Veterinary Clinic, we take pain management very seriously when it comes to your senior pet. As with animals of all ages, older pets can be good at hiding how much it really hurts them to move around, which is why we provide thorough, skilled assessments to make sure that they aren’t covering up how they are truly feeling. Not only do we want to support our patients in having a long life, but also a happy, pain-free one too.

To serve our aging pets best, our comprehensive pain program incorporates all aspects of pain management. We consider everything, including weight management and basic exercise programs, medications and supplements, laser therapy, and education about changes you can make around your home to make life easier for your aging loved one.


While it’s important that all animals get timely care in the event of illness or injury, it’s especially crucial for animals from the older population to have prompt medical attention. Less resilient than their more youthful counterparts, a senior pet’s condition can go from bad to worse in a short time span. Our vets are experienced in the unique care requirements of the aged animal population and are skilled and experienced in swift and accurate diagnosis and treatment for your cat or dog.

There you have it—Island Vet is the place to go in Richmond for your senior animals’ healthcare needs. For more information, check out our website or give us a call today at 604-273-3158 and see how we can support the needs of your four-legged family members.