Pet Insurance

We get asked all the time about pet health insurance. “Should we get it or not?”

This is what we always tell our clients:

1. We receive no direct benefit from insurance companies for signing up patients or marketing their products.

2. Our health recommendations are no different if a pet is on insurance or not on insurance. We always recommend what is in the best interest of the pet regardless.

3. Studies show that pets who are on pet insurance statistically receive better care than those who are not. So we recommend pet insurance for that reason; because we want the best for the pets that we see.

In short, if facing a $4,000 veterinary bill for a sick pet who is hospitalized at a specialist hospital in Vancouver is a non-issue for your family, then you may not need pet insurance. But if that would turn into a significant hardship for you, then we would absolutely recommend insurance. Because it happens all of the time, and those are really tough decisions to face.

There are lots of choices out there for pet insurance and we have done our research on the options available. There are many options available for you but our first recommendation is Petsecure. You can log onto their website and receive a free quote. They offer a full range of plans, excellent preventive health coverage, minimal exclusions, excellent customer service and, when compared apples to apples, very competitive pricing.

Here are the links to some of the most popular pet insurance providers:

Petsecure  |  Trupanion  |  Petplan