Parasites can pose a significant health risk for our pets, our families and our community as a whole.  The prevalence of parasites in our pet community does not get the general care and attention that it deserves. Choosing to provide monthly parasite protection for your pet is a wise choice for the health of everyone. We strongly encourage everyone to properly protect their pet from parasites. 

We regularly test for internal parasites during our preventive health exams and we see pets with parasites regularly.  Most cats and dogs, at some point in their life, will have parasites that can affect their health.

We follow receommendations from CAPC (Companion Animal Parasite Council) for parasite control in dogs and cats. Another resource is the Worms and Germs Blog by Canadian Parasitologist Dr. Scott Weese.

We want to help you protect your pet. To make monthly protection more accessible, we do not charge you for dispensing fees or prescription fees for parasite protection and we allow you to pay for it monthly with no interest or added fees.

Learn about the key parasites we deal with for cats and dogs.

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