Dental Health

Pet dental health is one of the most important things you can consider to help ensure your pet lives a long and comfortable life.

So we created a video that shows you all that is involved with a pet dental at Island Veterinary Hospital. Your choice of care is an important one, and we want you to feel comfortable with the care that we provide for your loved one.

What about cost? Our prices are below national and provincial averages for our dental’s.  In fact, our regular prices are about the same as the heavily discounted prices that other local hospitals/shelters provide. And further, we offer payment plans for our exiting clients.

Considering an awake or no anesthesia dental? Please don’t; it is a waste of your money. Yes the teeth might be white, but they do not get under the gum line and they cannot get those deep pockets where it really matters.  We routinely see pets for dental procedures who have had an awake dental and the findings and resulting tooth loss is always a shock to the owner.

Review our video and the chart below. We welcome your call or visit to answer your questions and discuss all of your options.

2 Qualified and Licensed Professionals

One to administer the anesthetic and one to perform the procedure. Our licensed Veterinarians and Registered Animal Health Technicians have completed additional training in dentistry and anesthesia and are well-qualified to provide safe and outstanding dental care.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work

Just as in human medicine, this is done prior to any anesthetic procedure to help detect internal organ dysfunction. The results of these tests enable us to tailor our anesthetic protocol for your individual pet and reduce the risk inherent with any anesthetic. The type of blood work required will depend on your pet’s age. We will schedule this on a day shortly prior to the scheduled dental prophylaxis (cleaning).

Pre-Anesthetic Exam

A complete physical exam on the morning of the procedure is performed to detect any conditions that may complicate the procedure or compromise your pet’s safety.

IV Fluids

Intravenous fluid therapy helps to maintain blood pressure, hydration and proper functioning of kidneys and liver. An added bonus: IV fluids aid in a faster and smoother recovery.

General Anesthesia and Monitoring

General anesthesia is always necessary for dental procedures. It is accomplished with inhaled gas anesthetic that puts your pet into a sleep-like state. We monitor your pet’s vital signs the entire time using a blood pressure/heart rate monitor and fine-tune the amount of anesthetic to keep them at just the right “level.” Our anesthetics are exclusively administered by either our Veterinarian on duty or a licensed RAHT..

Dental Scale and Polish

The heart of the package. Your pet’s teeth will be thoroughly cleaned by manual scaling and using our ultrasonic scaler. We also hand-scale below the gum line (where 60% of dental disease exists), removing harmful plaque and tartar. Each tooth will be polished with a pumice paste to smooth the microscopic etching that occurs during scaling to help retard re-formation of plaque. We will complete a detailed dental chart, noting any abnormalities or areas of concern for future reference.

Sterile Instrument Pack

The instruments we use are sterilized before every procedure. Your pet will not be exposed to oral pathogens from any other patients.

Dental Procedure Report/Discharge Appointment

You will be given a complete report with findings and recommendations, as well as detailed homecare instructions on how to best care for your pet and his/her new “pearly whites.” The type of follow-up required will also be discussed.