Parasite Control & Prevention

A year-round proactive approach to prevent parasites from infecting your cat or dog.

Although you almost never see them, parasites are a risk to the well-being of your dog or cat. There are two types of parasites that can infect cats and dogs: internal and external. External parasites cause health issues for their external body, while internal ones destroy their internal organs. Parasite prevention is also necessary to protect you and your family. Our team can update you on the best forms of prevention that your loyal companion needs.

Where can my dog or cat catch parasites?

There are many areas in their daily life where your cat or dog can be exposed to parasites. Even if you’re very vigilant and only keep your loyal companion indoors, parasites can still get to them. This is why following a prevention plan is an absolute must. Here are the different ways in which cats and dogs can catch parasites:

  1. From their mother - certain parasites like roundworms and hookworms can be transmitted from the mother to the offspring before they are born. Worms can even be transmitted through the mother’s milk.
  2. From interacting with other cats or dogs - whether at the park, within the home, at the groomers or in boarding.
  3. Playing in dirt - sometimes worm eggs can be found in your garden or even from the waste of other animals.
  4. Frequenting heavily forested areas or places with tall grass.
  5. From hunting prey that may be infected with parasites.

What are signs that my loyal companion has parasites?

You won’t always know when your feline or canine companion has parasites, especially if they have intestinal worms. Internal parasites can go months inside your cat or dog damaging their health without any signs at first. In cases where the cat or dog is symptomatic, here are some signs to look for:

  • Diarrhea
  • Hair loss
  • Lumps on the skin
  • Brown buildup in the ear
  • Itching and scratching
  • Red bumps
  • Vomiting

If you have seen any of these symptoms in your cat or dog, reach out to us at 604-273-3158.

How can I protect my cat or dog from parasites?

Following a strict parasite prevention plan is the best way to protect your cat or dog from parasites. This plan will include different types of preventives such as injections, tablets or topical creams to repel parasites or flush them from their body. It’s imperative that you follow the veterinarian’s instructions and administer doses on time, so your loyal companion is not at risk.

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