Orthopedic Services for Pets

Giving your loyal companion a high quality of life with expert treatment for orthopedic issues.

Cats and dogs are vulnerable to arthritis, fractures, torn ligaments, hip dysplasia and more. These health problems can be extremely painful and lower your loyal companion’s quality of life. Expert orthopedic care is absolutely necessary to provide relief to our patients, which is why we have partnered with surgeons who have advanced knowledge and experience.

These services are performed by specialists who come to our clinic for scheduled appointments.

What are signs of an orthopedic problem?

Canines and felines will attempt to hide symptoms because in nature, it would make them easy prey. As time progresses and their conditions get worse, you will notice the following signs:

  • Becoming more aggressive
  • Shying away from activities they once loved
  • Hesitancy to jump
  • Limping
  • Weight loss
  • Difficulty using the stairs

If your cat or dog is showing these signs, it means the pain is too severe for them to even hide it. Please call our team at 604-273-3158 to get your loyal companion some relief.

How are orthopedic conditions treated?

This can differ according to each patient and their condition. After assessing your loyal companion, the veterinarian may recommend one or more of the following:

  1. Low-impact home exercises
  2. Rehabilitation therapy - acupuncture, laser therapy
  3. Pain medication
  4. Surgery
  5. Weight-loss
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