Microchipping for Pets

A permanent and reliable form of identification that can get you reunited with your lost pet faster.

At Island Veterinary Hospital, we know the importance of having identification for cats and dogs. With all the time you’ve spent with your loyal companion, you develop a deep bond that can easily be broken if they get lost. A microchip ensures your feline or canine can always be identified and brought back to you. While leashes, collars or ID tags are useful, they can get lost or damaged and your loyal companion will then be unidentifiable. We offer microchipping and our team can also detect the device to bring adorable cats and dogs back to their home. For more information about microchipping, please call us at 604-273-3158.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a form of identification for cats and dogs. The device is about the size of a rice grain and is implanted underneath the skin of the patient. Microchips are very effective and are made from sustainable material that will last their entire lifetime. Microchips don’t require any upkeep or replacement.

How will I be contacted for my lost cat or dog?

When a cherished companion goes missing, there is a high chance that someone else will find them. In most cases when a stray cat or dog is found, they will be brought to a veterinarian or humane shelter. If that cat or dog has a microchip, it can then be used to identify them. That's because after implantation, the patient’s details and pet owner’s contact information is added to the manufacturer’s registry. Most veterinary clinics have a special barcode reader that can detect a microchip. From the registry, the veterinarian will get your phone number to reunite you with your cat or dog.

Is it safe?

Microchips are completely safe for your feline or canine companion. The procedure itself is quick and not painful so no anesthesia is required. The chip is inserted with a special needle and due to the size of the device, they may feel a light pressure during the process. It can be completed within a few minutes and even during other routine procedures such as dental cleaning.

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