Bloodwork Services for Pets

An effective tool used to understand the patient’s internal system so that we can treat ailments.

At Island Veterinary Hospital, we have various diagnostic tools that can reveal health conditions in cats and dogs. Bloodwork is one of the most vital tools we use to provide quality care to your cherished companion. We recommend that all cats and dogs, regardless of their health condition, have bloodwork done at least once per year. We offer in-house testing, which makes it easier to diagnose and treat in a timely manner. To schedule bloodwork for your loyal companion, please call us at 604-273-3158.

Is bloodwork necessary if my cat or dog is healthy?

Yes. Bloodwork can be recommended for many other reasons besides diagnosing an illness. It is also important to note that for many issues, your loyal companion may not show symptoms until the condition has worsened. Here are some other reasons why bloodwork is necessary:

  • To learn what normal health looks like for your feline or canine. Baseline health information can be used for comparison as their age and health changes.
  • For pre-anesthetic testing. This is done before any anesthetic procedure to help detect internal organ issues. The results of these tests allow us to tailor our drug options for your individual loyal companion, which greatly reduces the risk of any anesthetic complications.

What conditions can blood tests detect?

When we examine the patient’s blood, we learn their blood chemistry and complete blood count (CBC), which can reveal health issues. Here are some health problems that can be diagnosed with bloodwork:

  1. Pregnancies
  2. Parasites
  3. Allergies
  4. Anemia
  5. Infections
  6. Bleeding disorder
  7. Heart disease

How can I prepare my cat or dog for a blood test?

One of the main preparations will include fasting. We recommend that your loyal companion fasts for at least 8 hours prior to their appointment. If your cat or dog is on certain medications the veterinarian will provide special instructions. The process is quick and easy and your cherished companion won’t even require any sedation.

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