Arthritis Services for Pets

We offer different forms of treatment that help your cat or dog to live with arthritis.

So much of your loyal companion’s daily life is centered around their ability to move. When a cat or dog develops arthritis, their happiness and quality of life is threatened. At our hospital, our goal is to provide treatment of the highest quality to get your cherished companion back on their feet. Without treatment, your beloved dog or cat is subject to immense pain that chips away at their loving and playful character.

Can arthritis be prevented?

In some cases, yes, but for most cats and dogs it is inevitable. Arthritis can be caused by injuries or from a very active lifestyle, especially for sporting animals. On the other hand, some canines and felines can develop the disease due to age, breed or genetics. 

Why do older pets often develop arthritis?

Senior cats and dogs often develop osteoarthritis due to the wear and tear on their joints. Over the years, the cartilage that separates bones at the joints wears down. This then leads to the bones rubbing against each other and your loyal companion will feel pain in their joints. Before your senior cat or dog develops the disease, your veterinarian can recommend food supplements to support joint health.

What are signs of arthritis in cats and dogs?

One of the first signs that your canine or feline pal has arthritis is limited mobility. The pain in their joints makes it difficult for them to run or move in general. Other signs to look for include:

  1. Groaning when they lay down or get up
  2. Trembling when they walk 
  3. Difficulty using the stairs
  4. Losing interest in playtime
  5. Becoming irritable

What are the treatment options for arthritis?

Arthritis cannot be cured. However, we provide various treatment options that can improve their quality of life. Many of our patients who have arthritis have benefitted from the following treatment options:

  • Pain medication or anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Acupuncture
  • Laser therapy
  • Joint supplements
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