Veterinary Assistant

Lais Veterinary Assistant

I'm originally from Brazil but moved here to BC about 7 years ago. I've always been passionate about animals and working with them has been my dream since I was a little girl. I got my diploma as a Veterinary Assistant at Sprott Shaw College in 2020. After being in this field for the past few years, I am now taking my skills to the next level by pursuing a degree as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

I love all fields of vet medicine, but I've always been fascinated by radiology and surgery. Nutrition is also something I have a great interest in. My favourite part about this job is educating clients on how to improve their pet's life by providing them with the proper exercise or how to better adjust their diet to ensure they can live a long healthy life.

A fun fact or more of a funny fact about myself is when I was a child and we were back in Brazil, every time I saw someone walking their dogs near my house, I asked to help walk them. So, it was kind of like they had to pay a dog walk tax to get through me. Also when I was an only child, I loved animals so much that I once asked my parents why I wasn't born as a dog.