Adult Cat Wellness Plan

We love helping to care for cats and ensuring they live a long, pain free life.  And you are doing a special thing by bringing you cat in for their Preventive Health Exam.

You deserve a special reward for providing thorough preventive care for your loved one.  That is why we have created wellness plans that cover the lifespan of our feline friends.

When you choose our wellness plan, you receive your exam, vaccines, blood work, urinalysis and fecal test and we will:

• Break down the payments into 12 equal monthly installments interest free, no added fees, no catch.

• Provide free office visits exam fees throughout the year for any new issues that may come up.*

It is our hope that these free exam fees will help provide piece of mind, at a reduced cost to you.

*Free office visits exam fees are for new conditions and do not include re-examinations or other services that may be required.