Preventive Health Exam

This is the cornerstone of a health care program for your pet. As humans, we are told we should go to the doctor every year. Well it is the same for your pet. And your pet often won’t tell you when something may be wrong. It is in their genetics to hide it from us.

Even more important is that your pet ages so much faster then you do. By the time they are 8 years old, they are generally considered seniors. At that point, we recommend that we see them every 6 months.

Our appointments are 30 minutes long and the veterinarian will examine all areas of the body, including the mouth, ears and eyes. They will then palpate (touch) the abdomen, joints, limbs etc to feel for any abnormalities. The doctor will always listen to the heart and lungs. Don’t forget to discuss any changes in behavior: it is so important because remember, pets are excellent at hiding health issues from us.

We will always ask you to bring in a stool sample from your pet (the size of a walnut) to check for intestinal parasites and other intestinal problems. Nobody wants to talk about parasites such as roundworms or hookworms but we have to because it is a real problem for a lot of pets that come through our doors. And it not only effects their health but can have a significant impact on your health too.

The preventive health exam is time and money well spent and goes a long long way to help ensure your pet lives a happy, healthy life for a long time.