Bordetella Vaccine For Dogs In Richmond – What You Need To Know

What Is Bordetella?


Bordetella is a bacterial infection and is very common in dogs – particularly in crowded dog environments where your pet is coming into regular contact with other dogs.

It’s highly contagious, and is passed very easily through close contact with an infected dog and can even be transmitted through the air.

Commonly known as “Kennel Cough”, Bordetella is transmitted easily from dog to dog when your pet is playing or interacting with others or in close confines with other infected dogs at kennels and shelters.

Dogs that are particularly susceptible to catching Bordetella are the more social dogs, so if your pet regularly attends dog daycare, shows or training classes or even if you just occasionally take them to the local dog park or dog beach, you should be extra vigilant for the early warning signs of the onset of kennel cough.


Is Bordetella Dangerous?


The answer to this usually depends on your dog’s overall health and the strength of their immune system.

Healthy adult dogs usually have stronger immune systems and can more easily fight off the bacterial infection that causes Bordetella.

Older dogs and young puppies whose immune systems have not yet had the chance to fully develop, are more vulnerable to Bordetella and in some cases it can be fatal.

If you spot any of the symptoms of Bordetella in your dog, we recommend you contact a local vet clinic as soon as possible. In the meantime, be sure to keep your dog away from others, as kennel cough is extremely easy to spread.


What Are The Symptoms Of Bordetella?


As you might have guessed from its alternative name of “Kennel Cough”, the main symptom of Bordetella is a cough.

Other common Bordetella symptoms include:

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Lethargic / loss of energy

If you spot any of these symptoms, please contact us or your local vet clinic as soon as possible.


Is There A Bordetella Vaccine Available in Richmond?



In fact, we often recommend vaccination for dogs against Bordetella as one of our standard new puppy shots and our puppy plans. We see cases of kennel cough in our hospital often.

Here at Island Vet Clinic in Richmond, we tailor our recommended vaccines to each specific animal and their lifestyle.

If your dogs lifestyle does make them more susceptible, Bordetella vaccination is easy, quick and cheap. You’ll need to have it renewed or ‘boosted’ every year to maintain its effectiveness.

To find out if your dog should get the Bordetella vaccine, make an appointment today for a visit with one of our vets.


Bordetella Treatment Options in Richmond


If your dog already has Bordetella, don’t panic.

Although it can be fatal, in most cases, effective treatment is available in the form of antibiotics.

You should continue to keep your dog isolated in order to contain the spread of the infection and it’s also important to make sure your pet is getting plenty of rest and drinking good amounts of fluids.

Loss of appetite is not uncommon with kennel cough, as the sore throat can make swallowing food painful or uncomfortable, so don’t panic if your dog goes off their food for a few days.

Consult your local Richmon vet for a prescription of recommended antibiotics, make sure your dog gets plenty of rest and keeps hydrated. If symptoms persist, you should go back to your vet for further advice.

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