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COVID-19 Response Plan

Updated  March 18, 2020

Island Vet is taking further measures to protect the health of our staff and the members of our community. These actions allow us to better care for the pets in our community in the days, weeks and months to come.

We are open and actively seeing appointments but there is no public access to the inside of our hospital. 

We ask that you call us when you arrive in our parking lot and we will take medical histories over the phone and transfer your pet inside. All communication between our staff and our clients will be done primarily over the phone.

If you are picking up food or medicine, please call us from the parking lot and we will bring it out to you.

We recommend that all clients sign up for our online store so that you can order your food, pet supplies and many medications at any time. Further, food and supplies can be shipped directly to your home.

Here is the link to our online store for sign up.


We are working diligently to make this shift in our business more seamless for all of us.  We will be transitioning to contactless payment solutions, integrating wireless phone headsets for better communication with you, and investigating telemedicine options to minimize your travel options. 

All of this is to maintain our ability to care for the pets in our community while protecting the health of our staff and clients.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Updated March 17, 2020

In response to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Island Veterinary Hospital is aggressively preparing for the safety of our staff, clients and the pets in our community.

We strongly encourage you to enroll in our online store to purchase your pet supplies. This includes pet food, many supplies such as treats and litter, and in some cases prescription drug refills.

In the case of the prescription drug refills, we are working to be able to offer this by the end of the week.

It will encompass many, but not all, of our prescription drugs.

If receiving your prescription drugs via the online store is something that you are interested in, please email us at reception@islandvethospital.com and let us know. We will specifically set up your online store with the drugs that you can order online.

The registration process is very easy.

Follow the link on our website to our online store.

Click the “REGISTER” button on the bottom / left side.

Fill in your contact information.

Island Vet will receive an email for us to validate your account. It may take 24 hours.

You can then place your order at any time.

You have three choices for receiving your goods:

1) Home Delivery. The delivery fee is $9.99. Free shipping for orders over $100. Currently, prescription drugs are not delivered directly from our supplier.

2) Pay for your purchases online, and pick them up at Island Veterinary Hospital, in person, in our hospital.

3) Pay for your purchases online, come to Island Vet, call us from your vehicle, we will bring your food or prescriptions out to you and place it in the trunk of your vehicle.

If you have any issues, email us at reception@islandvethospital.com or call us at 604 273 3158 and we will be happy to assist you.

Island Veterinary Hospital



Updated March 14, 2020

Island Veterinary Hospital COVID-19  Response Plan

Alongside everyone in our community, we at Island Veterinary Hospital are concerned about the COVID-19 virus and its implications on the health of our clients, our employees and the accessibility of heath care for the pets in our community.

Veterinary services are considered an essential service in our community and being prepared to deal with escalating concerns or emergency responses is important.

Employee Health

Maintaining the health of our employees means we can provide healthcare for pets in our community.

Island Vet offers paid sick leave to our employees and we have guidelines on when someone needs to stay home.

Hospital Cleanliness

We are an AAHA accredited hospital. As such, we already have excellent cleaning and disinfectant standards. We understand that we are a health care facility and as such, have never cut corners on housekeeping standards.

But as we all work to reduce sources of community transmission, we have implemented new policies for cleaning surfaces throughout the hospital. Surfaces such as door handles and countertops are further cleaned with anti-bacterial/anti-viral disinfectants at multiple, scheduled points throughout the day.

Client Appointments

Client/Patient appointments have not been affected. We are fortunate to have 2 waiting rooms and 30-minute appointments to further manage social distancing. All appointment reminders and vaccine/treatment reminders will have links to this information online.

Food and pet supplies can be purchased online and delivered directly to your door.  Our online store link is https://www.islandvethospital.com/online-store . Speak with any of our customer service staff to help you get set up and answer any questions you may have in regard to this service.

Any clients who are exhibiting any signs of illness are asked to rebook their appointments.

Further, we are working on new protocols to be able to offer curbside check-in for those who may want to further limit their direct social interactions.

We will continue to update you on changes to our protocols as our community’s situation evolves, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Island Veterinary Hospital


604 273 3158